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Booklet Printing Services in Singapore


First impression counts – Corporate Booklets or Catalogs remain an integral part of a brand and it leaves an impression with your potential or existing customers.

Whether you’re creating menus, magazines or catalogs, custom booklets give customers a feel for your business. They’re compact and convenient, and easy to include in promotional handouts, giveaways and more. Our professional booklet printing can help you make those impressions count. 

*Size: Available in any size 
*Customisation: Design services available  

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are able to produce any booklet size based on your custom design and requirements.

Paper Type
We have a variety of paper stocks, including coated and uncoated type.

Cover Page Paper Thickness
- 128 Gsm Art Paper (Which means content paper will be 128Gsm)
- 157 gsm Art Paper (Which means content paper will be 157Gsm)
- 260 Gsm (Most Popular) - 310 Gsm

Content Pages Paper Thickness
- 105 Gsm Art Paper
- 128 Gsm Art Paper (Most Commonly Used)
- 157 gsm Art Paper (Most Commonly Used)

Lamination are usually done to the cover pages (Front and Back) to preserve the aesthetic of the booklets. You can finish and protect your booklets with laminates like gloss or matte option.

Depending on the quantity, it generally takes 7 - 14 working days to produce these brochures. If you require larger quantity, it take an additional 1 - 3 working days. Please let us know if you have urgent request, we will do our best to help!

We not have a minimum order quantity. Generally, the higher the quantity, you will enjoy greater per unit cost savings!

Booklet printing cost will greatly vary due to a variety of factors, such as quality of paper used, thickness of paper used, number of pages, type of lamination required, type of folding, size of brochure, quantity of your order, lead time to produce these brochures.

In general, you can expect to pay around $3.00 and up to $50.00 per brochure depending on your requirements, though it may cost more or less. In order to get the most accurate estimate, please contact our client relations associate to discuss further!.

There are three types of binding:
1) Saddle Stitching
2) Perfect Stitching
3) Hard Cover Stitching

(1) Saddle Stitching
Page Count: Minimum 8 pages | Maximum 52 pages (estimate, depending on paper thickness)

Saddle stitching is the simplest binding method but it's also the most popular and affordable method. Consists of stapling folded pages together. This type of binding is suitable for event brochures, children’s workbooks, newsletters, magazines and most books with little page count.

(2) Perfect Binding
Page Count: Minimum 36 pages | Maximum 280 pages (estimate, depending on paper thickness)

Perfect binding is done by gluing the cover and inner pages together at the spine. This type of binding is suitable for annual reports, textbooks and books with high page count.

(3) Hard Cover Binding
Page Count: Minimum 56 pages | Maximum 280 pages (estimate, depending on paper thickness)

Similar to perfect binding, hard cover binding is done by gluing the cover and inner pages together at the spine. The difference is that a much thicker cover is being used. This makes the book extra durable as the content pages are protected by a sturdier paper material. Most commonly used to bind corporate milestone booklets and any other booklets which wants to have a premium touch.

To be called a booklet, your document should have at least 8 pages. Otherwise, it is considered a leaflet/ brochure. Your total booklet pages should be divisible by 8 (multiples of 8), otherwise you’ll need to add a blank page (usually at the front - behind the cover page or at the last page (back cover of the booklets)

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