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Teardrop Flag Printing

Teardrop Flag Printing Services in Singapore

Teardrop Flags are a perfect way to promote your business! Teardrop flags can be used at almost anywhere – trade shows, events, exhibitions or simply just place it outside your store front. 

These teardrop flags can be assemble within minutes and they are extremely light to transport around. The tensioning system of these teardrop flags made sure that the feather flags looked perfect once setup! 

Feather flags are available in many sizes (Pole + Flag): 
– 2.25M  Teardrop Flag (Flag Size: 166cm x 74cm)
– 2.75M  Teardrop Flag (Flag Size: 200cm x 90cm)
– 3.1M  Teardrop Flag (Flag Size: 240cm x 108cm) – Most Popular! 
– 3.8M  TeardropFlag (Flag Size: 290cm x 110cm)
– 4.5M   Teardrop Flag (Flag Size: 350cm x 130cm)

All teardrop flags comes with base, water bag (weight) and individual carry bag. 

*Customisation: Design services available  

Looking for other styles? Perhaps you can check out our Feather Flag styles.

We will respond within the same working day! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Teardrop flags and feather flags are closely related: both products are printed on polyester material, displayed on a pole, and often serve the same purpose.

The key difference between the two is the shape of the flag, which comes down to your personal preference!

For most teardrop flag orders, we will be printing it on 75 gsm - 110 gsm polyester fabric depending on Single or Double Sided print.

(1) Single-Sided Teardrop Flag: 110 Gsm Polyester

(2) Double-Sided Teardrop Flag: 75 Gsm Polyester (3 layers will be used)

It generally takes about 2 - 3 weeks, depending on the current production schedule. Please let us know if you have an urgent request and we will do our best to assist!

Yes, we do provide installation and setup services for these feather flags even after office hours!

Generally there are two types of bases for teardrop flags:

(1) Cross Base - Most Popular!
A cross base stands on any flat surface so it’s more suitable for indoor use. If you choose cross base, be sure to select a smaller feather flag so it won’t tip over.

(1) Ground Spike
A ground spike base is a steel stake that should pierce the ground and support your feather flag. This is the best option for outdoor promotions on sports grounds and beaches because it holds well in any kind of weather.

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